The Torq Cycle Story

Alex and Katie Martinez caught the indoor cycling bug together in New York City, where they first fell for the full-body rush and feel-good effects of this intense, powerful, and engaging workout. After moving to Atlanta in early 2013, Alex, a corporate I.T. executive-turned-fitness entrepreneur, and Katie, a human resources executive in the media industry, couldn't wait to expand the growing indoor cycling phenomenon in Katie's hometown. Sensing a need for a boutique, cycling-only experience on Atlanta's exciting west side, this husband & wife team, launched Torq Cycle, Inc. with the pride of local ownership and a genuine passion for the indoor cycling movement.

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The Torq Cycle Team


Alex plays dual role of Owner & Instructor – enjoying both sides of the business that is Torq Cycle Atlanta. Corporate IT executive-turned-fitness entrepreneur & instructor, Alex was searching for a fitness routine that was fun, challenging & addictive – and soon discovered spinning with his then girlfriend, now wife. It wasn't long before he frequented various studios in his home of New York City. Completely hooked on indoor cycling, he landed in the Empire State of the South and together he and his wife found there to a noticeable void in spinning-specific boutique studio that offered a personalized & upscale studio and class experience. The plan was made, the vision was put into action and Torq Cycle came to be. When he's not teaching or greeting clients at the front, he can be found at Bartaco or at home, happily playing sous chef in the kitchen.


Born and raised in Atlanta, Katie has always maintained an active lifestyle and has a love for group fitness. She became hooked on indoor cycling while living in Brooklyn – fitting in as much indoor cycling, yoga and cardio kickboxing as possible while soaking up life in New York City. After years of sweating it out on the bike, she realized this indoor cycling hobby of hers was becoming something more than a fitness fixation. Katie and Alex began to channel their entrepreneurial spirit to bring their passion for the ride to Atlanta. They set out to create a high-end studio that made all feel welcome and where the focus was on achieving a feeling of individual accomplishment while working together rather than an excess of comparison and competitiveness. She knows a dose of competition can add fuel to one's fire, but Katie pushes riders to the edge of their own comfort zone with encouragement & energy while keeping form, safety and teaching a fun ride, top of mind. Holds Spinning® Instructor certification.

My Spirit Animal: The Bear (grounded,...


Raised in an active family, some of Maddie’s earliest memories include doing Tae-Bo videos in the living room with her mom. As she grew, her interest in fitness continued to flourish and she tried every activity from aqua aerobics to Zumba. It didn’t take long for the gym to become her happy place and in 2013 she took the leap from student to instructor. Sharing her love for group fitness and active living was so rewarding she resigned from her full time job in 2016 so she could fit more classes into her schedule.

One of 5 children, the family vibe of the studio coupled with the competitive atmosphere in the spin room, made Torq feel like home to Maddie. She brings a fierce, yet cheerful attitude to the podium- taking you to your edge with a smile on your face.

When she’s not cueing your tap backs, she’s wrangling rabbits, tarantulas, turtles and toddlers as a preschool science teacher, ordering things on amazon, teaching yoga at Infinity Yoga, or hitting the road on a weekend getaway.

Favorite Move on the Bike: Tap Backs! Celebrity Crush: Anthony Bourdain...

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Growing up in Richmond, Virginia as a young equestrian, Jared learned from an early age the importance of focus, persistence and always setting the bar high. He discovered indoor cycling in his early twenties and after realizing the mental and physical benefits of the workout, he quickly became hooked on the workout. After several years of riding he was inspired to help people discover their own focus and persistence on the bike and began teaching in his home state prior to moving to Atlanta in 2016.

When not pushing you to give it your all in the studio, you can typically find him relaxing in Piedmont Park with friends or pushing himself in the gym where he spends time to run and strength train.

Favorite Move on the Bike: Steep Hill Climb! Celebrity Crush: Jillian Michael Guilty Pleasure: French Fries and Netflix Documentaries

Find Jared on Spotify here and on Instagram: @jared_lloyd83


Jessica, a native of Philadelphia, was introduced to cycling while cross training on her high school rowing team. Since then, she fell in love with fitness and became a certified group fitness instructor in 2013. Jessica has taught everything from kickboxing to barre to cycling and more! After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, she picked up and moved to Atlanta to start a career in supply chain management. Her favorite part about cycling is being able to block out to-do lists and the craziness of life and be completely focused on the present moment. Get ready to sweat out the stress of your day and walk out of her class mentally and physically stronger than when you walked in! When she is not in the studio, you can find Jessica exploring a new restaurant or coffee shop in the city, practicing yoga, testing a new recipe, or going to trivia nights with friends.

Favorite move on the bike: tap backs! Guilty pleasure: waking up without setting an alarm (...there is no guilt involved!). Find Jessica on Instagram at @jesssicaaa93.


Kyle, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, found himself here in Atlanta after graduating from Penn State University. When it comes to fitness, he’s always been a guy that looks for variety. Shortly after graduating from college, he completed his first triathlon. From there, he went on to compete in various other races - including a century ride and the Pine Mountain 40-mile trail ultra marathon. He even found some time in between to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with a group of close friends. His energy comes from seeing others' energy, and strives to max it out in his classes. When he’s not in the studio, he enjoys spending time around friends and family in addition to traveling with his wife, Amy.

My Spirit Animal: A Lion. Probably a Nittany -- Celebrity Crush: Mark Wahlberg -- Guilty Pleasure: Napping and/or binge watching Game of Thrones with his fiancé.

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Sophie grew up in Durham NC where she participated in whatever team sport was in season. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill, she moved to Atlanta and struggled to find a gym or form of exercise that kept her energized and motivated. After giving group classes a try, Sophie instantly found a love for indoor cycling. Sophie joins the Torq team with the desire to show others that with a dark room, an awesome playlist, a challenging choreographed ride and a room full of riders having a good time, exercise can actually be (dare we say it?) a lot of fun! Sophie is an advertising professional by day and a ATL explorer by night. She loves finding creative ways to stay active like kickball, hiking and rock climbing.

Spirit animal: Giraffe - at 6 feet tall, what else? Guilty pleasure: Leftover pizza and last night's episode of Shark Tank on Saturday mornings.

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