Kyle Tepas

Kyle, a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, found himself here in Atlanta after graduating from Penn State University. When it comes to fitness, he’s always been a guy that looks for variety. Shortly after graduating from college, he completed his first triathlon. From there, he went on to compete in various other races - including a century ride and the Pine Mountain 40-mile trail ultra marathon. He even found some time in between to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with a group of close friends. His energy comes from seeing others' energy, and strives to max it out in his classes. When he’s not in the studio, he enjoys spending time around friends and family in addition to traveling with his wife, Amy.

My Spirit Animal: A Lion. Probably a Nittany -- Celebrity Crush: Mark Wahlberg -- Guilty Pleasure: Napping and/or binge watching Game of Thrones with his fiancé.

Find Kyle on Spotify: and on Instagram @kbt111



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