2016 Team Torq Tracks

We play a lot of music in the Torq studio but our instructors listen to much, much more. Here are the top picks of tunes and beats that bring the energy ... ride after ride.

Find the playlist here and a few reasons why some of these tracks made the list.

One of Maddie's favorites is "Temple" by Parson James. "It sounds like James is singing to entire orchestra at the world's biggest worship service. It's a song about coming out, rising up, fighting for what you believe, "hold on to your seats, because I'm up on my feet." It's that song that makes you feel like you can do anything."

Sophie can't stop clocking some serious miles at high RPM during "Call On Me" by Starley (Ryan Rabick remix). "A perfect flat road effort!" Similarly, Caitlin loves picking up the RPM to "Make Me" by Brittany Spears.

Bringing the good 'ole rock & roll is Kyle with a current favorite, "No Good by Kaleo". Says the "killer guitar solo at the end is perfect for kicking up the resistance and taking RPM up to 115-120." Rock on, ATL!