The Power of Community

From the very start of Torq Cycle, Alex & I knew the important role a strong sense of community would play in our studio culture & in our Westside neighborhood. Similarly, we know how much easier it is to reach ones goals when you're working towards it with a friend or group of like-minded individuals. We want everyone to feel as though they are a part of something when they come to Torq Cycle and that's why the TIU community has been such a great group of women to get to know.

TIU, or ToneItUp, is a fitness program that was started by two best friends - on Instagram. This online community (which has even spread offline) has inspired hundreds of thousands of women to support one another to live healthy, happy and active lives. It's life online is full of Instagram snapshots of their healthy dinners & snacks, workouts, fitness stats & achievements – on an almost daily basis. The chatter and commentary on the posts are uplifting and always positive & motivational. Offline, women find new friends and a community that helps keep workouts fun … and on the schedule.

We met Leighanne, a TIU member, very soon after opening Torq and were energized as we learned more about the existence of such a widespread, connected and positive force of individuals. As months went by, more and more members of the TIU community, including Victoria and Abbye, were coming to get their sweat on at Torq. Curious to hear more about their dedication and enthusiasm for the program – I asked them to share a bit about what keeps them engaged as well as tips that keep them on track (both in the kitchen and the gym)!

Q: What keeps you engaged in the TIU community (and your fitness routine)?

Leighanne, who works in PR & Communications, finds that the social aspect of the community keeps her engaged and held accountable. "We have a Facebook group where we schedule meet-ups, post encouragement and really just support each other the best we can." Victoria credits TIU to helping her make some really great friends. "I like that this community uplifts one another and that we stay active. Instead of bonding over drinks all the time (which we still occasionally do) we like to be active and bond over workouts and bettering ourselves. That, to me, is something great." Victoria, who works in Advertising, has been a regular client at Torq Cycle since January.

Q: What fitness activity have you found to compliment a sweaty ride at Torq Cycle?

Abbye, an Audit Associate at an Accounting firm, finds that yoga is a great compliment to her classes at Torq. "It's great to stretch after such intense cardio work where your legs get a major workout." Victoria prefers kickboxing as it "increases my endurance to help me push myself during spin class."

Q: What tips do you have to share with others about commitment to healthy choices,

meal prepping & staying dedicated to a workout routine?

"Fail to plan, plan to fail." says Leighanne. Planning meals and fitness activities for the week - before the week happens - keeps Leighanne on track and healthy. She has also learned to be patient with her fitness journey and to not expect immediate results. You need to be patient with yourself but more importantly, consistent in your fitness routine. Abbye says, "You can't be 100%, 100% of the time. You may fall off the workout–wagon but what's important is that you get back on and keep going!"

Now, one certainly doesn't have to join TIU to get the benefits of a community-charged health & fitness routine. Having family & good friends who encourage you and a studio that you truly enjoy being a part of, will most often do the trick. Remember to help your friends stay motivated and make the right choices as they move through their fitness journey. We at Torq Cycle will do the same for you.