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Torq 20IN30 - That's a wrap!

Another Ride Challenge in the books! And what an impressive group to make it fun every step (or class) of the way! 30 challengers signed up. 29 completed the challenge (20 classes in 30 days) and 10 rode in the final ride for the Grand Prize. The reigning challenger from last Fall's competition won again this time around holding onto his Spin Class Hero title!

Congratulations to Cody Garrish for winning the final ride competition (for his second time!!) and for every other challenger who set their goal, showed up and rode past excuses to finish the 20in30 challenge, STRONG.

Our Challenge Finishers: Cody Garrish, Robin Puzzo, Gustavo & Barbara Bueno, Michelle Dietrich, Sheldon Forte, Teresa Greenlees, Glenys Fernandez, Erika & Gary Hodgson, Peter Nolte, Tim Debruyne, Katie Mundy, Christina Gonzalez, Hardie Tatman, Carly & Cole Meierstein, Molly Parker, Alexandra Ricca, Megan Stahl, Niki Lockwood, Meg Lindsay, Nicola Pasquarelli, Haley Athens, Camila Gonzalez, Krysten Malcolm, Lila Todd, Christen Thompson & Lauren Lappi

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