Jessica Murray

Jessica, a native of Philadelphia, was introduced to cycling while cross training on her high school rowing team. Since then, she fell in love with fitness and became a certified group fitness instructor in 2013. Jessica has taught everything from kickboxing to barre to cycling and more! After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, she picked up and moved to Atlanta to start a career in supply chain management. Her favorite part about cycling is being able to block out to-do lists and the craziness of life and be completely focused on the present moment. Get ready to sweat out the stress of your day and walk out of her class mentally and physically stronger than when you walked in! When she is not in the studio, you can find Jessica exploring a new restaurant or coffee shop in the city, practicing yoga, testing a new recipe, or going to trivia nights with friends.

Favorite move on the bike: tap backs! Guilty pleasure: waking up without setting an alarm (...there is no guilt involved!). Find Jessica on Instagram at @jesssicaaa93.