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Katie Martinez

Born and raised in Atlanta, Katie has always maintained an active lifestyle and has a love for group fitness. She became hooked on indoor cycling while living in Brooklyn – fitting in as much indoor cycling, yoga and cardio kickboxing as possible while soaking up life in New York City. After years of sweating it out on the bike, she realized this indoor cycling hobby of hers was becoming something more than a fitness fixation. Katie and Alex began to channel their entrepreneurial spirit to bring their passion for the ride to Atlanta. They set out to create a high-end studio that made all feel welcome and where the focus was on achieving a feeling of individual accomplishment while working together rather than an excess of comparison and competitiveness. She knows a dose of competition can add fuel to one's fire, but Katie pushes riders to the edge of their own comfort zone with encouragement & energy while keeping form, safety and teaching a fun ride, top of mind. Holds Spinning® Instructor certification.

My Spirit Animal: The Bear (grounded, introspective & strong ... Roar!) -- Favorite Move on the Bike: Seated Sprint with added resistance for an extra challenge. -- Secret Guilty Pleasure: Sipping a Kentucky bourbon while having no plans.

Find Katie on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/user/katlmartinez and Instagram under @kat7mcg.