Liz Kavanagh

Growing up, Liz found many ways to stay active and sporty from competitive gymnastics to cross-country, soccer and swimming. It wasn’t until college at Miami University in Ohio that she discovered indoor cycling and immediately found a new cardiovascular exercise to fall in love with. She was inspired by how the instructors could push her beyond what she thought she could do and thought to her self, “I could do that!”.

And that she did. For the past five years, Liz has stayed close to group exercise and has taught Tabata, Bootcamp, TRX, and Indoor Cycling classes while pursuing her Masters degree in Exercise Science. When it comes to exercise, she values hard work, having fun, attention to form and acceptance of any and all fitness levels. When Liz isn’t coaching, she enjoys hitting up craft breweries, walking the beltline, being a COOL nerd and reading any and all science fiction, and spending quality time with the people she loves.

Spirit animal: Michael Scott! Guilty pleasure: peanut butter on everything. Favorite move on the bike: a nice quick flat road! Find her playlists here & on Instagram at @lizkav11.