Mary-Rachel Clasen

Mary-Rachel grew up in a very small town (less than 5,000 small!) and once she moved to Atlanta, never looked back. Growing up she’s always been active – softball, cheerleading, dance … she was always finding another sport to get involved in.

At the end of college, she had started running and decided one day to train for a half marathon. Before she knew it, she had several halves under her belt and eventually, a marathon. She realized she loved the hyper-focused moments that came while in the thick of a race and that it brought her out of her own head to push herself to her farthest limits. It was an escape. She unfortunately fractured her left foot in a marathon and ultimately had to give it up. She sought out to find a new fitness focus and soon discovered indoor cycling. After becoming an avid participant in classes she found her way to the instructor podium after training and receiving her certification with Mad-Dogg Athletics.

When she's not in the studio you can find MR at Home Depot with her husband working on a home improvement project, playing board games, scouring pinterest for a new recipe, or going for a run with her newly rescued pup.

Favorite Move on the Bike: Surge - I like to go H.A.M and leave it all on the bike. Spirit Animal: Horse ( Resilient, Social and Driven) Celebrity Crush: Jon Krasinski. MR can be found on Spotify here & on Instagram at @mrk_clasen.