Bike & Studio Amenities

Torq Cycle has outfitted the studio with 32 Spinner® Blade Ion bikes. These superior bikes provide our riders with a tool for measuring actual power output and measure it consistently. Our saddles are equipped with holders for hand weights … two or three pounds each - you choose! You'll pull these bad boys out during the three to four to minute weight segment of the ride.

Beyond being serious about providing a high-tech & high-quality experience on the bike, we want your entire visit with us to be top-notch. For us, this means a mindful eye to the details in all we do - from the personal greeting you receive upon arrival to the towels placed on the bike before your ride. For those who swing in for a class before work - or during your lunch hour – you're provided with all the comforts of home.

The studio is equipped with private changing rooms, hair-dryers, several individual showers, highly-absorbent Turkish towels and natural skin & shower Malin+Goetz products. All things that bring a much appreciated softer touch to a hardcore workout. Oh, and don't forget to indulge in our chilled eucalyptus hand towels post-spin to help you cool down after a sweat-inducing ride. We're also easily accessible via the parking garage that is attached to our studio space – no charge and no need for a validation ticket.


The Workout

Cycling can be one of the most effective workouts you’ll ever do. Its high-intensity, low-impact efforts bring about an improved cardiovascular health and physical endurance. Our classes offer you a total body workout and our bikes show an accurate display of your power and RPM output – visible on your bike, the studio’s Power Board & in your inbox via our post-class ride stats email.

The music is turned up while we turn down the lights to set the stage for a focused and successful ride. We cycle together while individually pushing ourselves to reach our personal best. What you'll gain in physical endurance will mirror your newly found mental strength to push yourself just a little bit harder to create more force for a powerful & satisfying ride.

While we are a bit more technical in our format with consistent attention given to form, all of our rides are choreographed to the beat of the music which makes the ride fun and easy for folks new to cycling to get the hang of.

  • FORMULA - Our signature class. We ride strong in this sweat-inducing class full of hills, sprints, climbs & out of the saddle efforts. After roughly 30 minutes our legs catch a break while we focus on our upper body in a 4 minute weight segment using 3 pound weights. This rides gets you a full body workout in a quick 45 minute class. Perfect for first time riders and those new to Torq Cycle.
  • FORCE - Looking to get a full 45 minute ride that pushes your cardio and endurance limit (and flies by!)? We leave out the hand weights segment and tackle more challenging hills, high-intensity sprints, power surges and flat roads.
  • FOCUS - No power board. Just You. Your Bike. And your focus on the beat. For when all you want to do is sweat it out on the bike without chasing down a number. Get ready for more jumps, tap-backs and moves that bring you out of the saddle.